Islamic University of Minnesota – Detroit Faculty Members:


Dr. Shadi Zaza

Zaza earned a Bachelor degree of Islamic studies from the Islamic Online University, a master degree in Islamic studies from the Islamic University Minnesota, and in May 2016 earned his Doctor of Philosophy in Islamic Theology with a thesis titled “Realism and the Art of Reform in Islam”.

Zaza started his career as Imam of Nabulsi Mosque in 1996 in Damascus, Syria. Later, he spent 10 years studying intensive Islamic course-works with various Islamic scholars in many different places like Shekh Rateb Alnabulsi, and was certified “Mojaz” in Ejaz Alelmi (Quranic Sciences); certified from Shikh Ajaj Alkhateeb in Hadeeth; Abdulsalam Alkasemi in Hanafi Mathaab; Imam Hkaled Saba in Shafie Mathaab; Abdulhakeem Haaj Othman in Creedal Theology; and Sheikh Waleed Monaisi in  Osol Alfekh. Additionally, Zaza is certified in Almadina city to teach Prophetic Biography from Sheikh Abdulazeez Alsheekh. Also, Imam Zaza is a “Mujaz” in Quaran memorization ” Hifz” from Sheikh Mohammad Sokkar and Shiekh Kriem Rajeh.

Shadi Zaza is the founder and president of Rahma Relief Foundation, and currently the president director of the Islamic University of Minnesota- Detroit branch.

Prior to that, Sheik Zaza was a Tafseer teacher in the Institute of Sheikh Abdul Al-Ghani Al-Nabulsi in Damascus, Syria;  a board member in the Imam Al-Nawawi charity organization in Damascus, Syria. Zaza, was also the Imam of Aljadeed Mosque in Damascus, Syria. In Saudi Arabia, Zaza was a member in the arbitration committee for legal consultation in the Governmental  Islamic Courts. After arriving to the Connecticut, United Stated in 2008, Zaza was the Imam and leader of Prayer in the University Mosque of Bridgeport. Later, Zaza was the Imam for the daily prayers, organizer, leader of charity events, and community activists in the Islamic Culture Association in Franklin, Michigan.

Sheik Waleed Almeneesey

Almenesi was born in Alexandria 1967, he is the head of NAIF, president of IUMN, and a member of Eftaa in AMJA, and a teacher in the American Open University, a teacher in GTF. Almenessi graduated from the collage of literature from Alexandria University, Arabic Literature Department in 1988, then fnished his Graduate Degree in Fekh, and Phd of Islamic Studies. Almesinis was certified in reciting Quraan and in Hareth, and taught Arabic and Islamic studies in many schools, elementary, middle, and high schools in both Egypt and Saudi Arabia from 1988 to 1998.

Also, Almenesi was an Imam in many mosques in Egypt and the United States, and a Daiah in the office of Dawaa and Eftaa of the Saudi embassy in the United States. Elmenessi taught Quaraan in many mosques in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the United States and hundreds of students we certified by him in Quran reading ( Ejazat), and participated in in publishing scientific papers, conferences, lectures in Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Morocco, United States, Canada, Europe.

Almensi is married with six kids, and living in the state of Minnesota, United States of America.

Dr. Ahmad Alhomsi

Ahmad Alhomsi is a graduate of linguistics studies from Alsharekah University; currently is a teacher in the Islamic University of Minnesota – Detroit.

Alhomsi got his degree in Arabic literature from Yemenia University and a bachelor degree in pharmacy from Sana’a University. Later, Alsomsi was certified in teaching and reading Quraan ( Keraat Alasher), and received a diploma in family counseling from Farah Academy for Family Sciences.

Producer and presenter of television programs in the channel Majd TV and Sharjah Radio for more than a thousand television episodes and broadcast – Activist in the social sphere and Family Service and posts in more than one hundred television and radio episodes directly and registered – Coach trendsetter in the production of documentary programs , and provide modern television , writing for the image and other media arts –

Scientific Publication:
Participation in 150 television episodes to explain Shatebya in seven readings with Dr. Essam Alqdhah- Participation in 110 episodes in the statement Quranic program with Dr. Mohammed net Almstganme-  Participate in a series explaining Alfiya in as with Dr. Mohammad Noureddine Almnagd- Participate in the 60 television episodes in the faculties of law program in the science objectives with Dr. Aziz Farhan Anza- Search ” assumption in the advertising slogans – linguistic study ” message Almajstar-